About 3D Plastics



3D Plastics was started 2 years ago.  We started out using all hand tools to do the work, but as the company grew, we decided it was time to invest in a CNC machine.  Now that we have the CNC and three different types of plastic welders, we can do a variety of tasks.



3D Plastics has a sister company called 3D Installers LLC.  The line of business this company does is install and repair hog equipment in hog buildings.


About Us:

3D Plastics is a family owned and operated business.  Randy Draayer is the owner and there are two main employees, Jim Rodenburgh, and Randy's daughter, Kim Draayer.  Both employees are full time.  Jim also works for 3D Installers.


3D Plastics not only does plastic fabrication, but also sells sheet plastic.  We keep in stock 4' x 8' sheets of plastic in different thicknesses.  We also have solid or hollow core plastic lumber in 2" x 4" x 10' lengths.  We can also special order plastic as well if a certain size is needed.